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Choosing the Right Orthodontist for You

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Parenting is full of choices. Some of them are easy – what to make for lunch. And some of them take a bit more thought and research – like choosing the right orthodontist for your kids. Keep reading to learn some of the questions you should ask when deciding which orthodontic practice is the right one for your family.


What is the orthodontist’s education? 

Orthodontists go through even more education than a general dentist. In fact, orthodontists go through the exact same education plus more than general dentists! That’s why it’s always important to choose an orthodontist over a general dentist to straighten your child’s teeth. You can rest assured that Dr. Skelton has undergone the proper education, training and has years of experience.


Does the practice fit into your lifestyle? 

Because orthodontic treatment may require more frequent office visits, it’s important to know that the office will fit into your family’s schedule and lifestyle. Some things to think about are how conveniently located the office is and the hours of operation. Another very important thing to think about is how the orthodontist will work with you and your family. There are a few different kinds of braces that require more and less work. We promise to always listen to your family’s needs and help you make the right decision for the best-personalized treatment plan for your child’s needs.


What is the office environment? 

Be sure to pay close attention to the little details at an orthodontist’s office. Does it look clean? Are the instruments wrapped and sterilized between each patient? Does the team seem happy to be there? And even more importantly, how do YOU feel there? We always strive to provide a fun and comfortable environment for all of our patients and their families. We know that any kind of dental or medical can sometimes be stressful or even scary. We make it a priority to calm and comfort our patients, and even have some fun! And above all else, we uphold the highest sanitation and cleaning standards.


How do they handle consultations? 

Most orthodontists offer consultations, but not all consultations are created equal. Some offices make you wait months and months and months before they have an available consultation appointment. Some other offices charge expensive fees for initial consultations. At our office, we offer complimentary consultations in a timely manner.


How well do they communicate? 

It’s important that you choose an orthodontist that takes the time to explain things in detail and answers all your questions. Orthodontic treatment can be complicated, and sometimes appointments can be information overload. Choosing someone who communicates well is very important to make sure you’re comfortable with the treatment and understand what’s going on. We always want to make sure that you are 100% informed of everything going on with your child’s treatment. In addition to explaining everything and answering all of your questions at appointments, you can always feel comfortable calling our team to ask any questions that come up.


What treatments do they offer? 

We’re living in a great time for orthodontics, where there are many different treatment types available. From traditional braces to clear braces and clear aligner trays, it’s important to choose an orthodontist that offers all of the most innovative treatment options. At our office, we make sure to stay educated on all of the latest technologies and treatments. It’s important to us to give you the services that you want and that will yield the best orthodontic results.


What is the cost of treatment? 

The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary quite a bit. When choosing an orthodontist, it doesn’t hurt to get a few different estimates. But more importantly, you want to make sure that the office is not going to charge you hidden fees or pile on surprise expenses. At our office, we are happy to provide you with a detailed estimate with all of the proper financial information you need before you begin treatment. We can help you understand your cost, payments, and how much your insurance covers. And we guarantee that there will never be any surprise fees or pop-up costs! We believe everyone should have access to excellent and affordable orthodontic treatment.


We’re Here for You

Keep the above questions in mind when choosing the right orthodontist for your family. And don’t hesitate to come up with some of your own. We’d love the opportunity to meet you and your family to see if we are a good fit for your needs. Our team treats every single patient as our number one priority when they’re in our chair. It would be our honor to add your family to ours! Contact us today to make your initial appointment.
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