How much do braces cost? What all is included in the fees?

Orthodontic treatment is more than straightening your teeth into a fantastic smile—it’s an excellent investment in your overall dental, physical and emotional health. The cost of braces or Invisalign is well worth the result!

A beautiful smile is something you cherish for life, which is why we believe orthodontic treatment is important enough it should be available to everyone who needs it. Because each patient’s orthodontic needs are different, we take into consideration the length and complexity of treatment in order to determine the fee, after a complimentary consultation to determine our patients’ situation and best course of treatment.

Dr. Skelton’s Orthodontic Fee Includes:

  • Complete orthodontic records
  • Placement of orthodontic appliances (braces)
  • Treatment visits and any emergency appointments (braces)
  • One set of retainers (upper and lower)
  • One year of retention visits

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