Front Desk

Welcome! Our front desk team will greet you with a smile (even if it is behind a face mask) and get you checked in. They’re ready to help you schedule future appointments and assist you with any payment information.

Reception Area

Get comfortable and relax in our spacious waiting area! We offer fresh brewed coffee every morning. Because we know most children are too old for Highlights and only moms like to read children’s health magazines, we have video games to keep kids entertained while waiting for Dr. Skelton.

Consultation Room

After you’re greeted by our New Patient Coordinator, Dr. Skelton will conduct a complete examination of your teeth, mouth, and jaws, and she’ll answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your treatment.


This is where the magic happens—in a bright, open room with large windows and lots of natural light. Adjacent to this room is the sterilization room where all instruments are cleaned to keep them germ-free. Whether you were in a rush to make your appointment and forgot to brush or just need to freshen up, we have a convenient brushing station available for you to brush.

Records Room

You’ll visit this room when you’re ready to start with braces. We’ll use our iTero scanner to scan your teeth and create the digital “mold” of how your teeth are initially aligned. No more gooey impressions thanks to this technology! We also take photos and x-rays here before we begin and periodically as needed over the course of your treatment.


We call it a lab, but it’s kind of like our own little sculpture studio. Here, our lab technician creates all of the models and retainers, as well as the essix retainer that you take home the day your braces come off.